Not Everything is as Bad as it seems

by Stephanie on August 12, 2014

This morning I was all annoyed as I couldn’t find my step counter that I had gotten for the Wii U fit. That thing has been a fun joy in my life. I have often loved using it. It tells me how good or bad I have done in a day.

However, this morning I had misplaced it. I got angry and heard myself essentially give up. I asked my husband for help who was still in bed. “I don’t know where it is.”

DUH! I know you don’t know where it is! I know I don’t know where it is. He went through a vast list of places it could be. Like I hadn’t looked there. Michael then listed a few odd places, not there.

Where was it? In my UNDIES drawer. That drawer eats everything.

It wasn’t as bad as it seemed. The world was not coming to an end and I would live.

However, there are times for people like me who have ADHD, when the world seems to be ending when you can’t find the thing you lost. The biggest problem I would imagine is because when you lose it, you feel frustrated you feel like you lose everything.

People have often told me, “I lose stuff all the time, why would that be a part of your disorder? Everyone loses and forgets things.”

Yeah, they do. However, what makes it a part of ADHD is that it happens so often it effects everything. I have lost homework, having multiple binders, and the teacher would ask where it is. I couldn’t tell her where I put it and would often have assignments incomplete as I didn’t know where it was.

A few weeks later, finding theenglish assignment in my math binder for some reason.

To Michael, it is not as bad as it seems, just tidy and we’ll find it. To me, it is like the whole world is crashing down as I want it and it isn’t in my hand. I hope one day this won’t be such a travesty.

It seems as if the whole world is coming to an abrupt end. Even though it is not the end of the world. I am grateful for a husband who reminds me of this. He is my rock and calms me.

Had he not have, I suppose I wouldn’t have found my step counter!


Know Yourself

by Stephanie on August 9, 2014

It is an amazing feat when you try to keep up with someone when you can’t. My husband is a man who can often speed through tasks like they were nothing. I am much slower and need more breaks.

It is something I have had to learn as we went on a road trip, know yourself, know your limits. Sometimes I forget that even at the best of times. For instance, I have a throat problem kind of like asthma but in the esophagus. If I get an attack, my throat will tighten up for no reason whatsoever, any food that was going down is now trapped.

I find when I try to eat like my husband, I have more problems as possibly the stress of finishing the food may cause my eating tube to just tighten up. Therefore, I have been trying to slow myself down even though people want me to hurry up.

Another part to learn with ADHD is we have to know when to take breaks. Michael is doing the driving as I still am not comfortable driving yet with the standard. Even though he is driving, I can often feel his moods. I am also feeling the pain of being ADHD, long periods of sitting still that drive me crazy.

I need to learn as a person who has troubles sitting still to do things to keep myself busy. I brought knitting to do in the car. Michael brought himself some audio books. However, there were still moments where I needed out.

At first it bothered him, however, he realized more and more that I cannot be him. I have to be myself.

This goes for all of you. Remember, as a person with ADHD, you may not seem to have anything wrong with you to the average person. You look normal,often sound normal. However, our processing, our abilities and everything that people take for granted is different. We do have a disability. It is not to be used as a crutch more just to help us figure out methods for us.

Remember, you are special. This road trip has taught me many things about myself, my marriage. I am happy to have a supportive husband that, although he won’t get it at first, will support me in the best way he can.

I learned that I am good the way I am and not to copy anyone else. My way works for me. I can see if someone else’s way works but if it doesn’t I have to learn to move on.


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