by Stephanie on January 30, 2015

Our facebook page has reached above 100 and I never thought it would. I say to those people who read this blog, thank you. Thank you for supporting the dance of ADHD…the dips, the twirls and the flips that have brought me to an understanding of how wonderful we are as a community.

I thought my now husband was out of his mind when he said that I should write a blog about ADHD and its many symptoms as well as victories and struggles.

I thought to myself, who cares about what I have to say? I mean I am one person in this world who has ADHD. Why do my words matter?

Michael looked at me and said, “You have a rare chance to do something for people, give them a look into the mind of someone with ADHD. You can explain stuff to women that ADHD men can’t often explain to their wives. You can explain about those times when you just can’t get motivated. You can help me to understand.”

This blogging thing has also been a release, a release that I have needed to grab the thoughts out of the rabbit hole that is my brain and to jump with those ideas.

Sometimes I was upset at something but I would have a million things in a line up in front of those thoughts. I sat down, began writing, deleted all the random until I came up with what really was bugging me.

This blog has made me realize people deal with similar issues. We interviewed a few people who have had ADHD, a few specialists about ADHD and so forth (Oh and if you’re interested in being interviewed let us know).

It made me realize, your stories are important. Your struggles what you go through is important. It helps to tell your story so you can inspire others to continue to grow. When you tell your story it means others can help or you can help others become aware of what you do!

There are 100 + reasons to give up on ourselves but 100+ reasons to keep growing and keep trying. I am so glad I have people who are like minded to be reading up on what we write.

Thank you for the love and support.


ADHD 101: Inattentive

by Stephanie on January 17, 2015

Stephanie here hoping all is well in ADHD land. Learning about your type of ADHD is important. I should know, I have ADHD. It took a long time for me to understand what that meant for me.

What is more important though is going from diagnosis of ones self to seeing a doctor. That is very important. However, sometimes you just need to know what you have got.

For those of you like me who have combination type, my last article about impulsivity will show you the impulse part of your diagnosis. We will also try to expound on the other types as we go.

He we go ADHD, Inattentive.

Shift from task to task without finishing anything. Have you ever tried making a ten course meal all at the same time? Maybe you have such great ideas like I do and find myself buried in them as I go to the next task too quickly.

Become easily distracted, what? Sometimes this part gets us in trouble as we are truly trying to pay attention to the conversation but the person next to you who is also having a conversation said Sushi and now all you can think about is sushi.

Miss important details. You hear yes from your boss but you don’t realize there is a process you have to do first. All you heard was yes and went with it. Or, a common one for me before was getting two instructions and only remembering the first half.

Make careless mistakes with paperwork or other tasks. I know many chefs who have forgot an ingredient but when it happens constantly you have to wonder.

Get bored quickly. Heh heh. Well, this one happens all the time! I remember many meetings where I have to have paper in front of me just to keep from getting bored. In school, if I was not drawing or painting or something, you know I wasn’t listening…even in college.

Have trouble getting organized. What’s organized? When I was a kid, I would put my homework somewhere, not be able to find it and get a lot of zeros. I did the work…lost it. My house is still cluttered and I am still not much of a housekeeper (Unless the hyper focused moments happen).

Don’t seem to listen when spoken to…actually sometimes we are listening but we are trying to stop the breaks so we can respond…or we got bored of that person and moved on. (We can’t help ourselves)

Daydream, my mother said this is what kept me out of trouble. I would daydream all the time…still do. When I am walking by myself home for lunch I am often telling stories to myself.

Are slow to understand information, well slow to process it. My husband wants me to learn to cross country ski. He took me out skiing before. Frankly, by the time winter comes around he has to completely reteach me how. I know this drives me nuts.

Have trouble following instructions? This is a normal one. I was sent down to retrieve one item at a time before I was medicated. Why? I would only bring up one item at a time even if you wanted five things. Drove my mother nuts.

Hopefully this helps you have an idea of ADHD.


ADHD 101: The Impulsive

January 12, 2015

Hello, I’m Stephanie and I have ADHD. Well I guess you know that if you are following this page. However, what you may not know is, I have impulsive ADHD. Heh heh. It is quite frustrating. You can often find me fidgeting with something. I bite my nails at times (Wash my hands afterwards) I […]

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January 1, 2015

Before it was, “Where’s the perspective husband?” I was asked if I had found that special someone. People gave me unnecessary comfort that I didn’t know I needed being a single person. The more they asked, the more abnormal I felt. The more abnormal I felt about being single, the more desperate I became. I […]

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I shouldn’t have….

December 21, 2014

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Marriage, Hobbies, Family and Friends

December 18, 2014

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December 8, 2014

I am a person with ADHD, I feel I am different. I am special, I can create and I am very sensitive to others feelings. I am smart but do not always live up to my potential because sometimes I can’t. When people tell me that something should be obvious to me, it isn’t always […]

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November 29, 2014

I love art. One thing I love most is how the same picture if recoloured differently can mean different things to me. This is the original, what do you see? Eeyore. In this picture, Eeyore is smiling a bit. His eyes seem tired, the sky is a bit dark but, he still is smiling a […]

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Honestly, keep your promises

November 7, 2014

When you don’t keep your promises, whether by accident or because you just don’t want to, there are consequences. When you are dishonest or break a promise with someone, it takes a long time before you can gain that trust back. That stinks, you want to be trustworthy. Even though ADHD may often make things […]

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