Tea cup focus

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January 11, 2013 0 comments

Today I listened to an ADD teleseminar by:


Tara McGillicuddy

Linda Hillger & Tara McGillicuddy  

which can be found here. Their topic was solutions for chronic disorganization which I and my wife are guilty of frequently. Papers come in, laundry doesn’t get put away, dishes are scattered everywhere, and our one table is often buried in a mish mash of papers, dishes, food stuff, etc.

They offered some good strategies, and I encourage you to take a listen while it is still available. But one story sticks out to me.

Linda related how when she first started out disciplining herself there was one afternoon where she just wanted to return her tea cup to the kitchen without getting distracted by something else and then not doing this simple task.

She kept repeating over and over in her head on the 2 minute journey what she had to do. That her goal was to return this tea cup without being distracted by something else catching her eye. This tea cup focus over just a couple of minutes is what allowed her to succeed and build up from that.

We too can develop tea cup focus. It just takes a little for us to do something for just a few minutes. It may not seem like much, but it is progress and it’s what enables us to go on to bigger cups.

So is there a task that is overwhelming you? Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea. And then take a tea cup sized scoop out of it by working on it for just a few minutes and then reward yourself with a break and continue to break it down one tea cup at a time.

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