Types of ADHD: with Winnie the Pooh and Care Bears too

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Winnie the pooh

If we think of inattentive ADHD, we think about Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh is easily distracted. If he sees a balloon flying, he will chase it because it is colorful…even if it means missing Christopher Robin’s birthday party.

Winnie the Pooh has a short attention span when tasks are not very interesting or if it is too hard, he will have to sit down and Think, Think, think. He is easily bored.

Winnie the Pooh daydreams about his honey all day long. Even when someone is talking to him, you have to often get his head out of the clouds to have a conversation…oh bother indeed.

Poor Winnie the Pooh can’t find anything he needs because he always seems to forget where he has placed it. With a lot of thinking and perhaps a friend, maybe he’ll remember where his favorite honey pot has gone.

Winnie the Pooh is often late because time has no meaning to him. One minute it is ten o’clock and the next, he’s got a grumbly in his tumbly—and then he remembers, it is now one o’clock and it is time to meet rabbit for tea…oh bother, even if he gets out the door now, everything will distract him, he will move slower to see the beautiful sunlight and until he sees the food at rabbits, he will be unmotivated to get there.

Poor Winnie the pooh’s brain. Instead of speeding up when placed under stress, his poor cute little brain slows down. When asked to do work, it is almost like Winnie the pooh’s poor brain falls asleep. This makes it very hard to help Rabbit in the Garden or Owl organize his library.

Winnie the Pooh style inattention is seen mostly in girls. It responds well to stimulants, such as Ritalin and Adderall, but other interventions work well also.





Tiggers Like to Bounce… Bouncin’ is What Tiggers Do Best! (Classic ADHD

When we think of Classic ADHD, we think of Tigger. Tigger is restless, he likes to bounce around all day long. He has a lot of energy, Winnie the Pooh can’t always keep up with him. Tigger can’t sit very long at all as he has a lot of energy and loves to spring around.

When Tigger talks, his whole body talks with him, the more excited he gets the louder he gets. He also talks very fast and often bounces off from one idea to another thus, Tigger looks to be very disorganized.

Tigger often jumps on Pooh, Pigglet and the rest of the gang as he does not think this might startle them, in fact, tigger often doesn’t think before he acts. That’s okay though, Tigger says he’s always, “Bouncy, Bouncy…and fun, fun.

Tigger does not like waiting in line or waiting his turn when he is playing musical chairs with Christopher Robin. Poor Tigger is just too restless and wants to do what he wants to do, not wait for what others want to do.

Tigger’s brain is under active when thus whether he is resting or performing tasks, he can’t stop his little motor from going, going and going some more.




Over-Focused ADHD: Rabbit Tends to His Garden… and don’t bother him.

Oh Rabbit, one of Winnie the Poohs more vigilant friends. However, watch out, it’s his way or the highway. Poor Rabbit, he has such a hard time shifting his focus away from his garden to pay attention to Winnie the Pooh who was late for tea…thus, now Rabbit is gardening and Winnie the Pooh will just have to come for tea some other day.

Rabbit often gets stuck in negative thoughts as he worries a lot, even about things that don’t really matter. He can be very oppositional to Christopher Robin and likes to argue a lot. Rabbit likes things done a certain way and that’s it. When the crows are trying to ravage his garden, Rabbit won’t have it, it has to be his way…which means the rows of veggies have to be just right. No harvesting until Rabbit says so.

Poor Rabbit’s brain, he is like a bull dog, he doesn’t give up until he gets his way. This makes it hard for Tigger to just bounce in or Winnie the Pooh to daydream. Yep, Rabbit could be obsessing over his garden all day long. This can make it hard for the others to have fun when Rabbit has trouble shifting to the next activity.



Piglet is a great friend, but sure scares easily…


Piglet and Rabbit get along pretty well because their ADHD is very similar. Piglet is overly attentive. He pays attention to all the little details. He is also very easily startled by any sudden movement, like Tigger sneaking up on him and saying, “Hi buddy boy!”

Often, Piglet is touching everything in the room and is very nervous constantly saying, “Oh dear!” Piglet is often nervous, worried and gets stuck in negative thoughts…he always thinking something bad might happen to either him or someone he knows. He is anxious, has problems waiting for things to happen.

He can obsess over small noises like a branch hitting Piglet’s house. He then almost goes into his own little world. Wondering what is going on outside, checking the door constantly, hiding under the carpet when another noise comes along and so on.

He is very inflexible, Piglet likes things that are familiar to him. Anything out of his comfort zone seems almost wrong.

Make no mistake though, Piglet even though he has his troubles, is a great friend and very loyal.


Thanks for Noticin’ Me” says Eeyore…


Eeyore’s version of ADHD is like a mixture between ADHD and depression. Like Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore is very inattentive. Thus he always seems to lose things like his tail which has to constantly be pinned back on.

Eeyore has a chronic sadness, always seems to be down on himself. It is hard for him to get started on things thus, he doesn’t accomplish much. Lethargic looking Eeyore lays down a lot and has very low energy. He feels useless, helpless and hopeless.

Eeyore’s brain is almost overloaded and thus, doesn’t work at full capacity. He walks slowly and he is just glad when someone actually gives him love and attention.

The next ADHD was hard to find a Winnie the Pooh Character according to the site I referenced. So I looked and peaked around and the only show I could think of was Care Bears.


Care bear



No Heart

The Temporal Lobes and ADHD: No Heart


No Heart is a very hard person to live with as he has very big Mood swings, gets angry for almost no reason and is nearly impossible to live with. No heart has problems concentrating on what he has to do. He is easily irritated and frustrated by Beasley and Shrieky.


No heart has very aggressive behaviors like shooting lightning at people. He has very drastic mood swings and very dark moods. No heart is impulsive, he loves breaking rules and being very bad, he likes making trouble for the Care Bears.

He is defiant towards authority figures. No heart just can`t seem to get along with others and is often anti-social, he just wants to be left alone. No Heart has troubles learning new lessons. I hope the Care Bears can take him down because he has severe temper problems and may even try to be violent with animals and other people.

Individuals with this type of ADHD are often treated with a combination of stimulants, like Ritalin, and anti-convulsants.

For someone who wanted to try an alternative treatment approach, or an additional treatment approach, we would recommend using these ingredients, proceeding with caution. This is because of No Heart`s brain, in front of it, No Heart`s center for behavior control and personality is not stimulated enough.


So there you have it, ADHD, for more info visit the website listed at the top

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