My Mentor and Friend

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I thought today about my mentor, the only real reason why I was able to finally graduate high school. Rachel. How we met was funny. I had seen her once on the road and bumped into her. I said I was sorry. Next when I saw her was at school. I had asked if I had seen her before, which, was an unusual thing for me to do at that point

Anyway, to make a long story short, we became good friends. She was Christian and so was I. We read together, did art work together. All along talking about art, stories we’d written, animals,  history and so forth, she was truly a kindred spirit.

My she always commented on how smart I was yet how horrid my grades were. You see, I never believed in myself, I always thought I was a stupid person as my father would call me lazy and dumb.

My last year of high school, she made pestered me more about my grades than anything. Finally it struck me, I wanted to graduate, I wanted to become someone better. I didn’t want to work at Mac Donalds for the rest of my life. My Father may have been satisfied but I never would be.

If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have tried to stay at high school another year—even though I didn’t get it because the principal called me a waste of space. I begged and pleaded and said I would do anything to get my diploma. And I did!

Worked hard and was able to graduate with my friends…the only problem was, I don’t have my picture up and in my year book, I am listed as un-graduated. However, I did graduate. I graduated and I can hold my head up high.

Thank you Rachel…my friend, my mentor, my hero.

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