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February 4, 2013 2 comments


I was at work today when a friend of mine had an unexpected assignment handed to her that she couldn’t tackle. With my wonderful ADHD, I find last minute things are easier for me. However, this one was something I wish I hadn’t done for her. The printer was being a poop, the compute was moving at snail speed…needless to say I stayed overtime finishing an assignment she wasn’t totally willing to put effort in.

I am a person who when I am assigned something, I put my whole heart into it. At work we have been talking about awareness into what we do. And it is funny how sometimes the people who deliver these services don’t really take their own advice.

In my line of work we are devoted to look at the whole person. Not just part of them but all of them. We look at their social interactions, we look at their mind and wonder if it is being stimulated enough. We look at physical needs and if they are being met. We look at the spiritual needs of people. Can this be overwhelming? Yes!

If someone’s needs are not being met, it is our job to do everything in our power to fulfill those needs. My job is very important. I have a mission: to allow people to live a holistic or a whole lifestyle.

That can be both rewarding and frustrating.  What I can honestly say is, I have learned from the assignments that I have been given to make people understand my work.

It is a work that is scrutinized often seen as insignificant but I know better. People often think we are just playing or drawing or what have you…we’re not. Everything I do is for a purpose.

However, understand that sometimes I forget these principles apply to me as well.

How can I personally live a life that I give to so many others? You see, when you take care of everyone else’s needs, often, you forget your own.

What have I learned…

You need to unwind, that is do things that are important to you. I work to serve the needs of others, when I am done, I have to do something for me. It could be meditating, having a cup of tea…those things really relax me.

There is nothing better than having a cup of tea and listening to the sound of my husband’s voice…or to his heartbeat. It is wonderful.

Drawing or painting help me to unwind. Creating is something worthwhile. When you have ADHD, you need to remember, creating slows your brain down—art, music and things that are lovely are very helpful.

Exercise, it can help to refocus the brain. I was off my medicine and wanted something that was out of my reach. When I didn’t get it, my hyper-focus turned into hyper-anger and my husband hated this. He wanted me to meditate. However, all that energy was built up. Instead, exercise refocused me and I felt better like I could do anything.



How many times do we forget this? If I have to pee, and if I hold it because I keep thinking, “Not now”, as we all know that going to the bathroom isn’t a matter of convenience. Soon I will find myself running into the bathroom and leaking on the floor in the bathroom, who is that going to help?

Taking time to listen to your body…if you’re working on a project, set a watch to remind yourself to eat. It’s important for you to realize what your body needs. If it needs rest, if it needs liquid, your body needs it therefore give it what it needs.


Okay, you may be thinking, “I don’t do church” fine with me. I do go to church, I like it personally but religion is not the answer people, not for everyone.

Spiritual may be going for a walk and discovering yourself in nature. My husband loves that. It allows him to connect with love of the earth and the nature that has given him so much joy.

You may meditate…yes I say this a lot. I meditate daily…I do a walking meditation. I tell myself I am beautiful, wonderful and a person whose life has meaning and purpose. I do deep breathing in and out on the way to work when I am walking. It helps me to refocus.


So as you take care of your needs you will feel more whole. ADHD is not a curse, it is a gift…with some interesting points. Doing these things makes us ADDers thrive.

So work at it daily.


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