ADHD and our marriage

by Michael Hurd in Interviews
March 1, 2013 0 comments

Stephanie and I have our first video presentation together. We discuss our opinions on some of the challenges and joys of ADHD in marriage.


We look forward to you sharing your thoughts on the topic as well.


And because she asked me here are off the top of my head some of the joys I’ve found related to Stephanie’s ADHD:

It is very easy to tell when she is very happy or she is upset.

She does choose her clothes, especially their colour based on her mood. A colourful and vibrant Stephanie is a happy Stephanie.

She continually communicates her love for me rather than assuming I’ve heard the message and it’s OK to just move on.

She communicates that love message in a variety of mediums. Verbally, physically with lots of hugs and cuddles, when she has time her meals are colourful masterpieces influenced by her love, little ‘thinking of you’ gifts such as gummies, and an insistence on spending plenty of quality time together.

She throws herself fully into her creative acts of love whether it be with me, at work, or with family and friends.

We hope you’ll share some of your joys in an ADHD relationship too.

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