Ugly Coach Show #4 : Control and ADHD

by Michael Hurd in Communication, Podcasts
April 22, 2013 0 comments

Stephanie and I return for the ugliest of our ugly coach shows. My computer was crashing several times and we lost the first 2 recordings of the show. The following is spliced together from 6 crashed segments. Apologies.

Stephanie shares some stories about her own control issues with a babysitter who forced her to take Ritalin and the consequences that ensued as well as some other stories and suggestions.

Important point to remember is that none of us is broken and in need of fixing. (Well my computer is another matter). We are all whole human beings and sometimes it’s just tweaks and adaptations that are needed with plenty of communication on responsibilities. Not condemnations and shame.

You’re loved!


PS Yes, Stephanie got her burger.

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