ADHD and a future Mommy??? hmmm…

by Stephanie Hurd in Communication, skills ADHD
February 6, 2014 0 comments

Having ADHD can be challenging! The hardest part is my husband and I determining us being parents soon. I think the biggest headache I have is this subject. As my biological clock is screaming BABY, my husband worries about a few subjects…most of all, basically two years with no concerta to aide me in my work or at home.

I already have a lot of problems juggling as my work shift is weird. I am not the best cleaner. I seem to be pretty organized at work but by the time I get home, I have almost no energy to be organized.

However, I have been off my concerta at work before…mainly as I have forgotten to take it. HA HA. That part can happen when I am rushed. I have been able to survive but sometimes feel I have to talk my way through it or walk around the building to promote my concentration.

I am beginning to understand how to function without it. My only worry is the impulse. Holding my tongue has become easier as I have been seeing a holistic therapist. She has been teaching me how to use my words, stop myself from bursting and thinking about what comes out. This has been the biggest blessing to me. I am so glad to have her as a friend and would shout out to her if you need some ADHD help.

I do believe I can do it with the support of a loving husband. I hope we can work through other troubles with the ADHD and troubles with any other part of life. It is the one thing I am glad I did, made sure I got the supporting husband I needed in order to succeed. I love him and he loves me. Although ADHD is a part of me, it isn’t all I am.

Thanks hubby for all you are and your support.

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