How much am I worth?

by Stephanie Hurd in Communication, Self esteem
August 21, 2014 0 comments

Sometimes people forget how much they are worth. They deal with worth on success stories like finishing a goal. When it is over they feel like they are not worth anything as they are no longer accomplishing something. Other people deem themselves worthwhile when they are rich or perfectly beautiful.


I think of this on a daily basis. How we have stereotyped ourselves. We place ourselves in categories and sometimes think this will make me worth something. Not so! You are worth it.


I have to often remind my husband about the accomplishments I make. Although small to him, they are large to me. Once he pointed out that I only cleaned for two hours. To me I thought: “Two Hours! That’s amazing! I accomplished two hours of cleaning. It shows me I can clean for longer than ten minutes and I am happy with myself.


Being happy with who we are and knowing how much we are worth are important. If you think you are worth nothing because you didn’t get that dream job then guess what, you are worth nothing. It is our thinking that is important. I have been reading a lot of positive material lately at work. I really enjoy it as it is making me see the bigger picture.


We show people how to treat us. When we let people take advantage of us, we tell them it is okay. When we know we are worth more but allow people to give us less, we become worthless.


As people with ADHD, it is easy for us to criticize ourselves as people have done it to us for years. I know I am working on being nicer to myself. I am choosing to  be happier in my situation. I know that there is no right or wrong in my choices, there are just lessons. Lessons to be learned, even if they are repeated again and again. I have time to learn lessons.


I am worth a lot. You are worth a lot. Forgetting your worth means others will forget it. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself in the mirror, “I’m beautiful”. Remember that who you are is special because no one else is quite like you. I love me and am learning to express it. The more that I express it, the more I can love others and gain success.


How much are you worth?

More than all the chocolate, money or gold you can find on this planet.

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