Symptoms of ADHD: Hyperfocus

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April 5, 2015 1 comment

According to Wikipedia Hyperfocus is: an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic, or task. In some individuals, various subjects or topics may also include daydreamsconceptsfiction, the imagination, and other objects of the mind. Hyperfocus on a certain subject can cause side-tracking away from assigned or important tasks.

Hyperfocus can be both a hinderance as well as a glorified subject for us. When I have hyperfocused on something to the point of not doing anything else except that one thing, it can be a horrid experience as I get nothing done. However, when it comes to beautiful art…


Well let’s just say that I love the hyperfocus button. In this art class I took, I went into the corner and I was only supposed to be there until the messy part was over. However, I was so focused I didn’t move. I stayed there the whole time. 


Sometimes though, hyperfocusing can be a determent as well. As shown in this picture up above. When I am doing something new, I often focus on the idea that there are people who have done it longer and would be more fun to go with. I then feel like I am not made to do it thus, I become worse.

There are ways to get around hyperfocusing.

One of which is setting a very annoying alarm which I have done. I have alarms throughout my morning that help me stop being a lump and get to work on the house. I often need to set a timer to stop cleaning. It is a very important timer or I would be late for work.

To make this a symptom of ADHD, it has to severely effect your day to day life. Hyperfocusing can often happen at inconvienante moments. 

 For me I could write stories well into the night forgetting what time it was. Hyperfocusing is never a dull moment.


To End, a funny story. My husband originally was afraid to marry be because he thought that my love may be hyperfocus on him not that I really loved him. We have been together for three years now. Not a day goes by when I giggle at that story.

I may hyperfocus on a lot of interesting things but I know for a fact that I love my husband. Without anything to do with hyperfocus, I do love him.

There you have it, my experiences with hyperfocusing. I hope this has helped.

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  1. Walter says:

    I think you’ve nailed it! I’m in a curiuos point of my life. Not quite having enough time to devote to the many armed beasts of my ambitions and responsibilities this year. Focus would be needed to be perfect in any of them.I became too stressed thinking of how much focus it would really need. With a full time job, the type of dedication needed for just one item would surely exclude the others.But I am greedy to do all of these things. In my heart, they will be mine. And they will lead to better things. This is guaranteed. So, I have decided that I need to revert to how I must have been as a young child, before I decided it was in my best interest to be perfect at everything I tried (and therefore tried fewer and fewer things). I will take steps every day towards two of my goals, balancing all of the projects over time. At first these are baby steps, but I know that consistent forward motion brings momentum. By having so many directions, I merely need to shift to the item my heart is interested in at that moment, and run with it. And thanks to all these wonderful blogs, bloggers, and experts that I am discovering lately, I’ll have a web of support to fall back on when the technicalities trip me up. I like the timer idea. I think I’ll give that a try this weekend. Nice tip.Hugs and butterflies,~T~.-= PicsieChick’s last blog =-.

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