Symptoms of ADHD: Impulsive

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It has been my pleasure to bring to you the symptoms of ADHD broken down into a singular article, that is one symptom at a time. We are now on my favourite enemy and friend, Impulsivity. My doctor who diagnosed me said, if he would change one letter in ADHD for me it would look like ADID: Attention deficit Impulsivity disorder.

Let’s go into the dictionary shall we…

Impulsive means…

1. Inclined to act on impulse rather than thought.

2. Motivated by or resulting from impulse: such impulsive acts as hugging strangers; impulsive generosity.

These to have meaning to ADHD.

First, Inclined to act on impulse rather than thought. A perfect example of this would be to know that you should be cleaning. That is what your plan was. However, you see a squirrel and decide to watch it. The thought is still in there, CLEAN! You know you should. However, you just can’t get over that squirrel.

I have had many a time when I couldn’t seem to act on my thoughts and did what I wanted instead of what I should have done. By the time I am done, I fully regret it. I knew what I wanted to do and it was still left undone.

Now don’t get me wrong, people can have this problem from time to time however when it begins to control your life, you may have ADHD.

Second, Motivated by or resulting from impulse. When you are motivated by impulses, you just do it. You don’t know why you’re doing it, you have no reason to do it. Impulsive means you just did it. The result from this mode of thinking may be just fine. However, the outcome can also be one of regret or even appearing bad.

I drew this picture once. It took me days and I loved it. I wanted to keep it or make a photocopy of fire and water hugging. Someone said, “I love that it is beautiful”. I GAVE IT TO THEM RIGHT THEN AND THERE! I didn’t even think about it. Well that is until afterwards. I still think about all the hours I spet on that not to have it still.

I liked how one doctor explained it. (Saldy I cannot remember his name. Maybe my husband will put it in as he went to the same ADHD conference) He said that ADHD is like going a 100 km an hour. You see a traffic light with a green for go and red for stop, there is no yellow to warn you to slow down. So you see the red, try to put on the breaks but alas cannot slow down in time and you crash.

This is when you will see an ADHD person interrupting others during conversation, being socially inappropriate, rushing through tasks and acting without much consideration for the concequences.

Interupting people is a constant for people with ADHD. They have this immidate amazing thought and need to get it out as soon as possible. However, this has also been seen as disrespectful to others. Again, don’t get me wrong, I know many a person who interupts people. When it takes over your life or you notice a common trend of people angry with you, it can effect your life.

I was in a meeting. My friend was trying to get her point across. I was so bored so what it I do? You guessed it, I interupted her left right and center. She finally got mad at me and yelled at me. I shut up the rest of the meeting and felt very bad for what I did.

Being socially inappropriate is another hard one to deal with. You may start laughing at the wrong moment. It may not even be about the conversation at hand. You may do something out of the ordinary and people scratch their heads wondering what inspired you to do so.

For instance, I wanted chicken, I called it but my brother wanted me to share, I spat on it. My Chicken! Not yours. I wasn’t a child either. It made my mother cry. ¬†I felt really bad I wished I could have changed it. However, what was done was done.

Rushing though tasks can also be a detrament to a person. Rushing through tasks can make you appear lazy as if you don’t want to accomplish things properly. It can make you also seem unrealiable.

I never seemed to do paperwork right before I got on medication. The numbers would be wrong and my writing would be messy. The more I did wrong, the more the boss got on my case and the worse I did. It almost got me fired.

Acting without consideration for consequences, this is why a lot of opeople with ADHD have a lot of accidents. They can be labelled klutzy, reckless and plain old stupid.

Me, I have just been the klutzy one. Before my medication I was hurting something at least monthly if not weekly. I didn’t pay attention wo where I was walking.

I also didn’t alway regard people’s feelings at times. A friend told me my artwork needed more work. I told her so does your weight. I didn’t mean to say it. It just sort of…came out. She was right and I was just trying to find a come back that didn’t really work.

That is my look at impulsivity. I hope you have learned something. Once again, this is not a toll to diagnose, please see your doctor if you think you have ADHD. He or she can diagnose you. I am not a physician just an experienced ADHDer.

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