Learning to drive…AAAHH!

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January 16, 2016 0 comments


My husband had enough of my excuses and signed me up for lessons. Boy did I have excuses. I don’t have money. We just bought a house and that is the cost of our mortage. I am too busy to drive.

You see, I haven’t wanted to drive. I really did not like the responsibiliy of driving. I could not fathom being a driver. I have been in three car accidents, two as a passanger and one as a driver. 

The two as a passanger were interesting. The one was my silly sister listening to a friend to turn around even though it was dangerous. Why? To help a man who had crashed.We ended up crashing into him and he tried to blame us for his accident. 

The second accident, as passenger, was a drunk crossing against traffic ona high speed road…we hit him but there was no way of seeing him as it was dark and he walked out. 

The one as a driver was in a blizzard, this accident proved I have a brain and that it works. Michael thought I was too close to a semi. Instead of telling me, yanked on the wheel. Luckily, I remembered not to slam on my breaks and course corrected before we were in a revine.

So, that alone made it beyond scary to drive. You add in the ADHD factor and…well, it makes for a big decision. I don’t think I should be a driver. However, people believe I should and I can drive.

Having ADHD does not nessesarily mean you cannot get a licence. However, having untreated ADHD can increase your rate of car accidents. 

Patricia Quinn an MD has stated:  Motorists with ADHD are four times more likely than others to be involved in accidents and to be ticketed for speeding or for running a stop sign. (ADHD motorists are also more likely to run out of gas). 
This is my fear. I zone out consistently. Even sometimes when I am playing music. I will have one song in front of me and begin playing another one and not realize it. I look too long in one spot. 

However, as I am learning I am finding somethings that work. Talk out the road situation. I talk about what I see, I remind myself to do things. I still need reminding about my mirrors. I got the instructor to talk it out…how visually I know where they are supposed to be. I asked him to talk out the whole blind spot thing and where I should be looking. 

Sometimes I feel like I ask a lot of dumb questions…however these questions are helping me to learn.

My driving instructor told me it is okay to have fears regarding driving. So I feel better about being afraid. 

However, I seriously hope Michael knows how scared I am. ADHD means I have to remind myself where and how to focus on a constant basis. 

After my first lesson I was so flustered I began walking around in circles in my house! My second, I wanted to never drive again. My third, I was proud of myself. I felt like I had improved. 

So I am going to keep on trying. However, I have to remember my limits and remind Michael of them. I have to ask for support. I have to be patient with myself and know it will not come as fast as I would like. However, it is coming. 

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