Attack of the phone Games

by Stephanie Hurd in Uncategorized
January 17, 2016 0 comments

There are certain games on phones that are godsends for me. Scrabble, puzzle games and bejewelled. They are the games that help me when life is a bit boring or I have to wait. However, there are some that literally take all the life out of me because they simply replace my life.

Getting higher on levels is like a strange euphoria that I will never completely understand. What makes it quite funny is the fact that I will hide downstairs with these games make excuses as to why I need to play them. “I just need to finish this show.” 

I don’t really need to finish anything. I am simply wanting to play these silly addicting games. I have almost been late for work with these games. I have avioded doing housework as I dream I am a part of these games.

I download them. For a while all I can do is play the game. A world that is so addicting all my time and energy goes towards them.

Then, I realize what I have been missing. Knitting, time with my family, time to bake or to draw or to create. Writing time which really makes me feel good. A walk outside, exercise with my niece. Learning new skills.

I could be doing many things. So they get deleted. Tossed away like a dirty sock. The game had its place and now it is done. Hopefully it will be a while before I do it again. 

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