ADHD and Trimester One

by Stephanie Hurd in Uncategorized
August 1, 2016 0 comments

The scariest part of when a woman does not have her period should not be: “Oh crap now I have to stop my medication”. However, that is what happened and that is where I landed up. Pregnant, off my medication. 

To top it all off all the symptoms of pregnancy plus all the annoyiung problems of ADHD. I was tired. I was sick. My husband still thought I was just fine and I wanted to kill him for it.

I have high low moods swings with my ADHD as it is. Now all of a sudden they became intensified. The cravings came about, smells I could not deal with. My favorites were all disgusting. I hated pot roast, I could not stand chicken. Spices thar were my favorite could no longer be used. 

I hated the smell of lavendar with a passion. I felt like I was melting each time I used it. “It’s all in your head,” Michael said. Oh how I wish it was.

Now all of a sudden parts of my body would hurt without notice. My chest was sore. I learned where roud ligaments were as I would get a pain in my sides. And of course in a distracted way I would jump up saying, “What is that?” or “Ouch!”

My Mom thought I was weird because normally I am such a strong person when it comes to pain. However, with the looming pain shooting up whenever it wanted, I was left to feel like a little kitten, lame and needing lots of help.

I wish I hadn’t procrastinated getting my licence because now I did not want to drive. I felt so nauseous. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. 

My boss was most helpful during this time. I would come in looking totally miserable and somehow she would put a smile on my face for the most part. She would ask me how I was doing and tlel me stories or just laugh to make me realize how ridiculous the whole situation was. I was quite thankful for this.

However, the next symptom to come was also intensified by ADHD, pregnancy brain. Now I don’t remember a lot of things. I don’t remember to wear my step counter. I forget my multivitamin and my husband has to remind me. I have to write lists on my cupboards at work. No, I cannot place them inside my cupboard as if I do, the list doesn’t exist.

A friend asked me to use a day timer instead of sticky notes. I explained I have tried a day timer. I explained I do not see it, the day timer does not exsist. 

At any rate trimester one is over. I am just beginning to get my energy back but the mood swings are still horrid. I feel bad how I treat my husband sometimes. I love him but emotions come out of me that I didn’t know I had. 

Hopefully ADHD and pregnancy goes better but for now I am learning. 


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