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  1. Trisha says:

    I would like to share my story with you. I was a victim for too long. I had a mother who did not have a good mental health situation personally she was a negative destructive human being especially to me. I lived my whole life knowing inside everything was messed up, my head, my emotions, my weight, everything. I ate to comfort myself from her hurtful words, I ate to do something, I just ate. I wasn’t cool I couldn’t make friends well although I was an extrovert it was too much for most. Adults thought I was adorable and just so cute but my peers just hated me. I was diagnosed when my child went through her diagnosis testing process as a “classic” combined type adhd. It was like a light switch turned on I got myself together not just for me but for my daughter. I since then have finally finished a double major and minor I am looking for a career finally to pull my family out of this hole we have dug into. Impulse and focus are huge in our family with two girls now adhd diagnosis and myself trying to be constructive to them but dealing with such a low frustration tolerance. We keep each other together and advocate for each other. Thankfully we are a good group together. Have had to move away from my mother her negative style was too destructive but my daughters my husband and myself have began to pull out our own future looking forward to seeing what it is going to give us.

  2. lisa says:

    what type of meds do u take?

    1. Stephanie says:

      I take concerta. It works really well for me but remember, each person is different. Also, it doesn`t give you skills, it just gives you the ability to find skills you already have but haven`t been able to use. Or, concerta helps me to learn skills I had no patience for in the past

  3. Vanessa Cooper says:

    I was contacted by a gentleman saying he was Michael Hurd from Calgary I am wondering if you are the same Michael Hurd,

    Regards Vanessa

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