ADHD Expression #8 – Debra Burdick “The Brain Lady”

by Michael Hurd in Interviews
May 21, 2013 0 comments


debra burdick

Debra is a licensed clinical social worker, board certified Neurofeedback practitioner, and online expert at, located in Washingtonville, Orange County, NY.  She helps people improve their lives using psychotherapy, Neurofeedback and Mindfulness. A frequent speaker for CMI/PESI and other organizations, she also teaches workshops on Mindfulness Skills as well as ADHD to psychotherapists, teachers and other helping professionals, nationally. Mindfulness training for business leaders and executives is another of her passions.

Debra is the author of four books about her Holistic Approach to Success with ADHD. Her most recent book, published in 2013 by CMI/PESI, is titled ‘Mindfulness Toolkit: 111 Therapeutic Options for Overcoming Life Stressors’. Her CDs help with ADHD, sleep, and mindfulness.

To connect with Deb and to receive 2 free special reports and access to a wealth of free resources about mindfulness, ADHD, depression, anxiety, treatment options and more visit


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