AAAAH Can’t sleep…thoughts will get me

by Stephanie Hurd in skills ADHD
July 25, 2013 0 comments

ADHD and sleeping are sometimes two terms that do not go well together. Last night hearing the neighbours go “BOOM SHAKALA” all night long didn’t really help any I have to admit…a person with ADHD can really hyper focus on noises outside. The room could be too hot or cold. Getting comfortable in the bed can be a very tough thing. I know, most of you know all of this and are thinking, “Yeah…yeah that’s me.




1)      HUNKER DOWN…I always liked this statement. It sort of meant to me, find a solid way to sleep. First off, temperature, is it too cold/hot. You want a temperature of 16-20ºC when you are sleeping. If it is anymore than that, you will boil—any less you will shiver. For summer, we sleep with the window open. DO NOT strain your neck. If you always wake up with a sore neck afterwards, you know it is time for a new pillow…not too think and not too think. CLOTHING, don’t put on itchy stuff…it is distracting. When I wore PJ’s in the past, I would have to cut all the tags off to keep me from being distracted.

2)      LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING! You want horror? A light that’s super bright in the room keeping you awake. I personally put my eye pillow on. Yeah it falls off but when it does I am asleep. You want dim or no lights at all. Yep, even lighting can be distracting. If you live on a busy street you may need to buy dark curtains (Be careful with this though as some people like the sun waking them up like me)

3)      NOISE NOISE NOISE! This can back your sleep patterns up incredibly! Whatever I hear, I am drawn to. I want to know what people are talking about. I want to know who is moaning. I want to know why I hear BOOM SHAKALKA!!!! For me, music drowns out the people who are the most annoying. No words for me, if there are words, I want to sing.

4)      YES YOU’RE DISTRACTED! My brother talked about his first time thinking of bad thoughts. He said a person told him to think of it like it was a river. The thought was seen but he let it flow away. Let’s liken this to sleeping. There are a million things to focus on. So here’s the deal, keep a pad of paper by your bed and a little flashlight. When you have something to do, write it down and put it out of your mind.

5)      BREATHE Breathing is key to life and can distract you from information overload. When you breathe, breathe in breathe through your nose and out through your mouth. At the top of your breath, hold for three seconds…release your breath for five. This is a technique that is used for much of the meditations I do with my husband. It isn’t easy but it is often successful.

Hopefully this was helpful. And hopefully the neighbours keep their BOOMSHAKALAS to themselves.

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