Symptoms of ADHD:Forgetting

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May 7, 2015 0 comments

On this blog we have been going through the symptoms of ADHD. I  have often talked about ADHD as my super power. However, there are some points of ADHD that make it both good and bad. Forgetting, is one of them.

Before we get into it, always as a disclaimer, I say to you this page is for assistance in helping with a struggle to know if you are ADHD. It is not a diagnostic tool. If you feel you have ADHD, talk to a doctor and get diagnosed. Self diagnosis could be wrong. Forgetting things happens to the best of us. As a symptom of ADHD, it would mean that it happens more often than not and effects your day to day life.

That being said, let’s move forward. I am going to use aspects of my life to show how ADHD efects people.  I like definitions as this makes the ADHD process easier to understand even for me. I am breaking each symptom down as often times a huge list makes me crazy.

To forget, out of the dictionary, means: You are unable to remember, you dismiss memories from the mind or stop remembering. Forgetting can also mean to  leave behind unintentionally. You may  forget to do something.


You are unable to remember is the first part I want to break down. When it comes down to it, you know physically that you need to do something. I have had moments where I know I need to take a bath, I realize I should do it, I make plans to take it. I will then feel tired, get interested in something else and forget that I should have taken the bath all together. I am unable to recall that I had that plan until I have seen the tub. 

Being unable to remember has brought about some interesting moments. I work in a nursing homeand once a week I have to move tables to produce a dance floor for my seniors.  When I am done, I have no idea where the tables are supposed to go. I often rely on the kitchen manager to aide me in moving them back to where she wants. I start them and she finishes them.

You can often dismiss a memory from your mind. This can actually be a blessing and a hinderance. The reason why it can bea blessing is I do not always remember arguments. I do not always remember the anger. This means people with ADHD may forgive faster than normal.


Dismissing a memory from your mind can be negative too. I find I often make the same mistakes over and over again before I learn. My visual memory is easily dismissed unless I have an auditorty connection to it. If someone wants me to recal dates I have done things in the past, I often will forget them unless I have an auditory connection or it was really significant.

Forgetting something, this happens all the time. I have forgotten my keys, my name tage and all things important.  I have had to call bosses in to let me into the office at work. It can be frustrating and most embarassing. 

Forgetting to do something important. I forgot to print out special decorations once at work. I forgot that I had agreed to even do it. 

Forgetting or not doing things consistently has often lead me to lower preformance reviews. ADHD does effect my life. 

I hope this was helpful and I hope it aids you in getting the support you need.

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