Para-Olympians – Sometimes you need to skip the party to focus

Be wise in using your energy and focus

by Michael Hurd in Uncategorized
September 8, 2016 0 comments

The Rio Olympics continue with the Paralympics where athletes around the world will compete and show off their talents despite their disabilities. One of those athletes is Jennifer Brown who is from our home town of Calgary and there was an article on her I’d like to share.

Jennifer Brown

The gist of the article is despite the glory of going to Rio she chose to skip the opening ceremonies, so as not to be overwhelmed and lose focus where it counts-at her track and field events.

There’s a lot we can learn from our athletes that are applicable in our every day life. One of the oft repeated lessons is the importance of focus. Sometimes for an ADHDer that can be de-motivating because it seems it something that we don’t have a lot of as we can be easily distracted from our goals whether it is fitness or just cleaning the kitchen table.

Still there’s plenty we can emulate from the paralympians who not only train as much as the regular Olympians, but do so with all sorts of handicaps. They get to know themselves very well and as they crush many of their limits they are aware of their weaknesses and their bodies’ needs. Such as avoiding noisy and loud events before a big game day.

Treasure what you have as you work on your own individual wins. Take care of yourself and be aware of those things that can trip you up. Little steps to big wins. If you need music to clean than blast it away. If you need some privacy than make those arrangements. Give yourself the best mind place you can for those little steps towards the gold.

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