Technology and balance…is there such a thing?

by Stephanie Hurd in Uncategorized
January 27, 2013 0 comments

I found out this week how time consuming that this computer enhanced people have been placed into. You see, there are computer and ipod/ipad/iphone game to entertain and to assist. However what you need to know simply is this: this generation wastes much more time than ever before.

The computers and cellphones today can be wonderful tools. For a person with ADHD I love reading and learning new things on them. The tool is at my finger tips…with one click I can learn about all sorts of things. I can download an app that teaches me how to clean better, can organize my finances and so forth.

However, technology can also be a big time waster. Hours playing a game when you could doing something else. I have done it. I have watched hours of TV, played too many computer games and have been addicted to computer games. It is hard to determine how much time you’re playing even if the clock stands in the corner.

I think I was beyond disappointed in myself, late for two events due to a silly computer game. A friend the night before coming over to see and being embarrassed because I had been playing the game so much I didn’t clean the house.

Balance, the hardest word to learn. When do you stop and take a break? Is it when you run out of clothes? Sometimes we want to have fun. We don’t want to do work and at those times, we seem to run fast and escape our work.

To have more technology and keep up with the rest of the world, we live in debt.

Yep this is a ramble but It confuses me.

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