ADHD Expression #7: Mitzi Hollander – ADDlab

by Michael Hurd in Interviews, Podcasts, Videos
April 25, 2013 0 comments



Mitzi Hollander

The ADD lab
Founder & SA’s leading ADD specialist and pioneer of Neurotherapy for ADHD in South Africa.

Listen to her story of how an accident in her family led her into this specialised profession where she has helped countless families understand the importance of brain health to managing and succeeding with their ADHD.

Mitzi advices parents and ADHDers to get as much information as possible and to realise the importance of the basics. Things like understanding Brain chemistry, nutrition, exercise, and sleep all have their place in a treatment plan.

Most important of all- Ask how to empower yourself!

And on that note, please leave in the comments how you are empowering yourself with ADHD in your life.



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