Symptoms of ADHD: Lack of Focus/Concentration

March 20, 2015 0 comments

 A lack thereof some people say but I say no! We do not have a lack of focus, quite the opposite! There are so many choices for us to focus on that we cannot concentrate on one. All the thoughts seem to come at once. People want us to completely focus on what they think we should. When we do not do so, we are considered unfocused.


Why is that exactly? Well there are many theories. One of the amazing ones is about the people who left Africia to populate other places, to go on adventures. They speculate that some of these people had ADHD. If it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be modern day man. (Sorry, I watched a documentary on this and do not have my sources down so if you know or have watched it let me know)

Another one of the theories as to why there is more ADHD is because the world is changing to adapt to a never ending stream of information being shot at the human race.


But what is focus anyway? Etymology states that the word comes from  Latin. Focus meaning “hearth, fireplace” (also, figuratively, “home, family”), which is of unknown origin. Used in post-classical times for “fire” itself; taken by Kepler (1604) in a mathematical sense for “point of convergence,” perhaps on analogy of the burning point of a lens (the purely optical sense of the word may have existed before Kepler, but it is not recorded). Introduced into English 1650s by Hobbes. Sense transfer to “center of activity or energy” is first recorded 1796.



Anways, that’s my blurb about focus. Hope it was somewhat interesting. If it appears you can only focus on what interests you or what is interesting, this can be a symptom of ADHD.  However, please do not self diagnose. See a doctor.

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