ADHD: A Poem 

by Stephanie Hurd in Uncategorized
March 15, 2016 1 comment

When you look at me what do you see?Do you see someone who suffers from a disability?

No I am not in a wheelchair and I can fully walk,

I do not show many signs not even really by the way I talk. 
I get the response that I am on drugs that are like speed,

I am told the doctors are medicating for something that isn’t a need.

They say I procrastinate, I don’t try and that I am lazy,

As I try to keep up with ever day life that drives me crazy.
When you look at me do you see,

Do you see the person who has this disability?

Who loses those darn socks behind her bed,

But instead of finding them gets distracted instead.
I get told people lose things that doesn’t make me disabled,

People talking about it like a figment and my problems are tabled.

They tell me to try harder and I can do better,

Keep a planner, make lists and I will be a go getter.
But when you look at me why can’t you see?

I am a person who suffers from a disability.

I do my best but sometimes I fall,

I make plans but at times can’t do them at all.
The response is stop living in outer space,

Grow up, get a life get your stuff in an organized place.

I am told my social skills need to vastly improve,

Reminded that my body language is wrong and yes even how to move.
Please, Please look at me and see,

Please understand people that I have a disability.

I don’t mean to fidget and zone out all day long,

I try to sit still and hear you as my mind plays my favourite song.
They talk about how I could concentrate if I wanted to,

Find a system so you won’t zone out and your listening skills will be true.

They say just focus right now on what we say,

Slow your brain down right now and don’t delay.
I am ready to scream and cry because you can’t see,

I have adult ADHD! 

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  1. Amanda Johns says:

    This is perfect, I could almost cry.
    Thank you so much.

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